The Interesting Story of the Military Use of the Rolex Explorer 1016

Designed as an ultra-durable and reliable watch for those who like to take risks, the Explorer is Rolex’s original line of sports watches. As such, the Explorer is also one of the most recognizable models in the brand’s entire collection, with a timeless and truly iconic design that has been a fixture in the luxury watch industry for over half a century. The Reference 1016 is the longest version of the Rolex Explorer, which was produced from around 1963 until 1989. Rolex watches are typically produced for many years at a time, and it is not uncommon for certain models to appear in the brand’s catalog for more than a decade. However, the Explorer 1016 was produced for over a quarter of a century, which is an incredible amount of time – even by Rolex’s standards.

While it has undergone some minor updates over the years, the overall design and functionality of the fake rolex for sale has remained largely unchanged. The Rolex Explorer 1016 has a fairly straightforward aesthetic, featuring a black dial with oversized luminous hour markers, a screw-down crown, Mercedes-style hands, and an increased water-resistance rating of 100 meters, twice the 50-meter depth rating offered by the previous version.
This particular Rolex Explorer 1016 has its own intriguing story. The original owner of the watch, George, first purchased a Rolex in 1966. What prompted him to purchase the Explorer was not because of its association with the exclusive Rolex brand, but as a practical tool for his future. George was in his senior year at West Point at the time and knew that his military career was just beginning. As such, he needed a watch to keep accurate time, even in the most difficult of areas.

In addition to keeping accurate time, the watch’s highly illuminated dial signals – perfect for military operations. Besides, because it features one of Rolex’s legendary self-winding perpetual calendar movements, the Explorer Model 1016 does not require any batteries or daily manual winding. Simply wear the watch all day long and the gentle movement of your wrist will wind the movement and keep it running.
George’s Rolex Explorer 1016 followed him around the world during his military service. He wore it throughout his time in the mountains of Georgia and the Army Ranger School in the Florida Everglades. While serving with the 82nd Airborne Division, George was stationed in Germany, and naturally his trusty 1016 Explorer watch followed him.

At the end of his military service, George decided to have his Explorer 1016 serviced again, and was shocked at the $200 offer, as it was far more than he had originally paid for the entire replica watches usa nearly 50 years ago. However, when it comes to an investment like his beloved Rolex Explorer, the cost of maintenance is entirely relative. Although the service price was more than three times what he originally paid for the watch, it is still a fraction of what his Explorer is worth today.
George’s Rolex Explorer 1016 has grown exponentially in value since he purchased it in the 1960s, which is why George finally decided to bring it to Bob’s Watches to get an estimate of its current market price. Even the cheapest 1016 models are worth at least five figures, and George’s is an exceptional example. There is nothing better than a vintage Rolex watch with an interesting story, especially one as beloved and often worn as this Model 1016 Explorer.

The Most Popular No-Date Replica Rolex Submariner 

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copy rolexTraditionally speaking, the Rolex Submariner is a dive watch which comes without a date design. Although almost every Submariner that Rolex currently are producing is now fitted with a date display at the 3 o’clock position, the Submariner line has its roots in straightforward, time-only dive instruments.
From its first introduction in 1953, until the launch of this model in the late 1960s, the replica Rolex’s Submariner only showed the time of day. Given that almost every early Submariner lacked a date complication, one of the defining characteristics of a vintage Rolex Submariner is the absence of a date window in the dial.
In the decades following the addition of the date complication to the Submariner line, the no-date Submariner slowly assumed the position of the fake Rolex’s entry-level dive watch. The no-date Submariner historically had a lower price than its date-displaying counterpart. While Rolesor (two-tone) and solid-gold options exist for the Submariner with a date, the no-date version is only approachable in stainless steel with a black dial and bezel insert.
The no-date Submariner was one of the last Rolex watches to get a COSC rated movement as well. The date-displaying version of the Submariner has had Rolex’s famous “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” text on its dial since its introduction in the late 1960’s. Nevertheless, the no-date Submariner replica did not uniformly receive chronometer certification until a revision of the 14060M, which brought the entire Submariner line into the COSC rated range.
Besides, the no-date Submariner was the last Rolex sports model to retain a number of traits that have become features of the great Rolex sports watch. Traits that are shared by a number of vintage references are now held in high regard by collectors. The Submariner is a Rolex sport watch to feature drilled holes in the lugs, hollow end-links, a stamped bracelet clasp, and an aluminum bezel insert.
The most fashionable rendition of Rolex’s no-date Submariner, the watch has done away with many of the hallmark characteristics that defined the no-date Submariner for many years. The movement has been upgraded to Rolex’s in-house, COSC rated, caliber 3130 movement, while the drilled lug holes and stamped bracelet components have been replaced with equivalents that are more in-line with the rest of the Submariner range.
The no-date Submariner represents Rolex’s legendary dive watch, presented in its most traditional, humble, and utilitarian form. The Submariner was never created to be a luxury item or status symbol. On the contrary, it was designed to be a premium and trustful dive instrument. While the no-date Submariner may be in the complete lacking of dial/bezel colors and precious metal configurations, it serves as a reminder that the fake Rolex has still remember the heart and soul of the Submariner line, which is exactly why they still keep on manufacturing a stainless steel dive watch without a date

Main Special Features for Vintage Rolex Watches 

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Rolex has made the transition from a top-end throughout the company’s incredibly long history, together with tool watch manufacturer to an internationally regarded luxury icon. As the company evolved, so did the designs of its watches. While modern replica Rolex frequently use premium materials and follow a highly refined aesthetic, vintage Rolex watches often try to have a little more purpose-built design. These few defining features help them differ from their modern counterparts.
One of the most visually apparent differences between well-aged Rolex watches and modern ones is that the crystals on vintage timepieces are made from acrylic rather than synthetic sapphire like all of Rolex’s contemporary offerings. Acrylic is significantly softer than sapphire; however, it is more flexible and not possibly to shatter into small pieces should it receive an impact. What’s more, since acrylic is slightly less transparent than sapphire, it brings with it a warm, distinctively vintage feel that is not present on modern watches.fake rolex
The bezel inserts fitted to Rolex sport watches that are manufactured today are made from a proprietary ceramic material that Rolex calls Cerachrom. However, this is a relatively recent development in Rolex’s history. The fake Rolex manufactured their bezel inserts out of aluminum for many decades, which would have the tendency to scratch and fade with regular use. Nearly every vintage Rolex sport watch with a rotating bezel will have an insert made from aluminum. The fading and typical wear can frequently be observed on them, which has become synonymous with vintage timepieces.
One of the less obvious features of many older Rolex watches are the holes that go completely through the lugs of the case. Different from modern Rolex in which the springbar holes are only partially carved into the inner sides of the lugs, these holes are completely drilled through the lugs of many older Rolex watches. Drilled lugs allow for easier strap changes; however since they slightly disrupt the lines of the case, Rolex determine to discontinue them in favor of a more refined and streamlined design.
One of the obvious reasons why people choose to collect vintage Rolex is that the level of variation that exists among the different watches from decades past. In the earlier years of production, there was far less standardization and control present in the production process. Therefore, a large number of subtle inconsistencies exist among otherwise identical watches. These minor differences come in varying degrees of rarity and can account for important premiums in resale value. This further adds to the interest and excitement for collectors. For instance, a rare Sea-Dweller 1665 can either be a Double Red Sea-Dweller or a Great White.

Well-known and Popular Rolex Explorer and Explorer II with Amazing Characteristics 

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The Explorer II accompanied expeditions around the world since the year of 1971. It has a 24-hour hand, which is very useful for cavers and polar explorers, allowing them to distinguish between day and night. The newest Explorer II has the size of 42mm and is the ideal tool for helping today expeditions to postpone the boundaries even further.
The indicator on the dial Chromalight is a big improvement that pushes the limits of visibility in dark environments. The blue glow lasts up to 8 hours with a uniform brightness that the double standard phosphors.
Rolex uses 904L stainless steel watch case. 904L is reserved generally important for the chemical industry, where high corrosion resistance. 904L perfectly with other precious metals are used by Rolex. A super alloy 904L is extremely durable and very polite.
A watch is as precise as its oscillator is regular. The spirals are made from conventional ferromagnetic alloys, making them. Vulnerable to magnetic fields and shocks Created after five years of research, the blue spiral Rolex PARA CHROME. Made of a paramagnetic alloy is not affected by magnetic fields, and up to 10 times more resistant to affected joints. Historically, the blue color of the spiral was a sign of prestige reserved for the most accurate clocks. Today guarantee the precision of Rolex.
The four simple words chronometer officially certified Superlativo on the face of the clock movement of this clock has engraved 15 days and nights of testing by the COSC (Swiss Official Timer), bear an independent nonprofit. The super quality for every replica Rolex Chronometer – To receive COSC certification, a replica watch precision in various places and temperatures demonstrate.
The hands of the new Explorer II are a little bigger and easier to read. In a black dial version, their black base blends with the disc is a “ghost” in force, which seem to float on the disc to create – an allusion to the 1971-model.
The 24-hour hand, the Explorer II has returned to the arrow shape and the orange of the original 1971 model. The 12-hour hand can be set independently, which displays a second time zone with the 24-hour hand and bezel.

Counter Culture Chronometer of Replica Rolex: Milgauss Z Blue

One glance at the current 116400 Milgauss’ orange “thunder bolt” hand is enough to confirm the watchmaker’s claim. However, combine that day-glow zigzag with the iconic “GV” green crystal and the new “Z Blue” dial, and the Milgauss Z Blue becomes a true rogue: a replica Rolex for the iconoclast.
But even familiarity with the recent Milgauss line can’t prepare enthusiast eyes for the radiant spectacle of the Z Blue sunburst. Even the original reference 6542 of 1956, a watch for stone-faced Cold War scientists, featured the whimsical “‘bolt” seconds hand and quirky “honeycomb” dial. A full metallic soleil that explodes from the cannon pinion, the Z Blue was designed expressly to evoke electrical arcing on a Nikola Tesla scale. And the dial is dynamic.

As light moves across its surface, the shifting reflection innovates patterns of white-hot highlights, iridescent blues, and nearly-black navy tones.And the 2007 return of the Milgauss heralded the dawn of colored hands and tinted crystals at replica rolex. The movements of highlights and shadows is constant when the wrist is in motion.
Rolex’s Z Blue color dynamo drives the effect of the familiar green and orange elements to new heights. Already prominent on past 116400 Milgauss models, the playful supporting colors join with the blue dial to innovate a kaleidoscope effect that dazzles and captivates. The Rolex replica watches Milgauss Z Blue is equal parts luxury watch and performance art.
But this year’s 40-mil’ Sea-Dweller 116600 was a love letter to the self-appointed guardians of propriety; the Z Blue is a replica Rolex for younger enthusiasts who respect but could never love the stolid five-point crown.
To be sure, the look isn’t for everyone, and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s a sign that Rolex knows how to get over itself when it sees an opportunity to take a chance on a love/hate design. Big Green understands that the Milgauss Z Blue is going to alienate the firm’s ROC/Bakelite Bezel/Lesson One purists.
The new-for-2014 Z Blue dial was a watershed launch that proved even haughty Rolex can crack a smile. This is a Rolex replica timepiece with elan, youthful energy, and zero pretense. In other words, this is the fake rolex for timepiece fans who were reluctant to embrace Rolex.
This Rolex Milgauss Z Blue is fresh from the authorized dealer and is offered with every original Rolex factory box, manual, card, and document.Frankly speaking, the Milgauss always has stood apart from the bulk of the Rolex professional watches. Purchased in October of 2017, this Milgauss retains virtually all of the Rolex factory warranty.
replica Rolex watches is upfront about the market mission of its reborn Oyster Perpetual Milgauss. By the Geneva giant’s own account, the Milgauss is an “avant garde” luxury watch. While Rolex’s milled Oyster clasp is no longer brand-new, it still comes as a revelation to those who have not encountered a Rolex clasp since the dismal stamped units of the recent past. The milled clasp feels like a mini bank vault by comparison. It deploys with ease and closes with a reassuring “snick.” The handy Easylink system, which permits 5mm of tool-free adjustment, is the crumb on the cake.