Best replica watches here – panerai is your first choice


Today we will go ahead with the fake panerai watch, since there are many other amazing aspects for you to keep in mind. to this day, i have to keeping saying that the best replica watch positively baffled by how ingenious this luminor case layout and desigh is, especially in 44mm where proportions with the dial elements i find more spot on than the 47mm. the larger case is proportionate but often too large to work well with the dial, although it is just my personal opinion.

Panerai Panerai
the perfectly round bezel looks both amazing powerful and masculine, while the cushion-shaped case with its tall profile and straight lugs operates in good harmony with it. the panerai has a completely polished case, which is not as outstanding as exteriors with alternating finishing. it really is a polished mass of steel without any sharp angles, complex corners and edges, or particularly fascinating details anywhere. it is your bog-standard luminor case, which is really eyes attaching as a whole and at the first glance, but not for its selfishly complicated intricacies.
there are something i would still point out that go beyond mere proportions, first is how the four corners of the middle case are curved downwards, which takes the edges of the corners away and makes them better complement the round dial and bezel. the second is the profile of the crown guard. its bottom side is entirely flat to keep it as high above the wrist as possible, but its top part is upwards, towards the wearer. therefore, it is not necessary for you to realize even when looking at the watch at a slight angle, but it does add more sophistication to this over-60-year-old military design.
surprisingly speaking, as to this component, panerai determined to add a fully satin-finished crown guard on the completely polished case. it is not something that makes it outstanding just at the first glance at it, but once spotted it would not be that i could quite get used to over the few weeks with the panerai luminor base 8 days acciaio panerai. this aesthetic element is something like an exaggerated take on alternating finishing. so now, i found it possibly adds a better quality look than what the replica panerai would have had with a polished crown guard to go with the reflective case.