Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Spotted in “Spaceman” by Nick Jonas

As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury watches, Omega is the preferred choice of many A-list celebrities. omega replica watches have been featured in countless movies and TV shows over the years and most recently in the music video for Nick Jonas’ new single “Spaceman”, Omega Speedmaster watches are featured on screen.
The watch that can be seen on his wrist in numerous different scenes (including a couple of close-up shots) is the new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch with Caliber 3861 movement that was just released earlier this year in January 2021. However, the version worn by Nick Jonas in Spaceman is not the standard stainless steel model, but a version made of Omega’s proprietary 18k Canopus gold alloy.
It’s no secret that Nick Jonas is a watch enthusiast. The Grammy and Golden Globe nominated artist has been spotted wearing everything from Rolex to Richard Mille watches. Judging by the models he wears, the youngest Jonas brother seems to have a penchant for watches, as most of his luxury watches come with eye-popping price tags and many are not the first choice of top celebrities.

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Nick Jonas regularly wears watches ranging in price from six figures to over a million dollars, but it was the new Omega Speedmaster Canopus Gold Moon Watch (Ref. 310. that appeared on his wrist throughout his new “Spaceman” music video. Given the relationship between the Speedmaster collection and the world of space exploration, this luxury version of OMEGA’s iconic Moonwatch seemed like a perfect choice.
The Canopus Gold edition represents the most expensive top model in OMEGA’s new generation of Speedmaster lunar best replica watches, featuring a solid 18-carat Canopus gold case and bracelet, the brand’s Co-Axial Caliber 3861 movement, a silver dial with luminous hour markers, a sapphire crystal, and a display case-back.
OMEGA produced two different solid gold versions of the new moon watch, one in 18k Sedna gold (a red gold alloy) and the other in 18k Canopus gold (a white gold alloy), which can be seen on Nick Jonas’ wrist throughout the “Spaceman” video. Named after the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina (brighter than our sun 71 times larger and 10,000 times brighter), Canopus is an 18k white gold exclusive to OMEGA that promises to be brighter and more resistant to wear and tear than traditional white gold alloys.
The new Speedmaster Sedna Gold bracelet retails for $34,800, while the Canopus Gold bracelet retails for $45,300, a full $10,500 price difference. Both the Sedna and Canopus are 18-karat gold alloys, which means that each is composed of 75% pure gold. Red gold is usually made by using a high copper content to create a portion of this extra remaining 25%, but when it comes to Omega’s exclusive Canopus Gold, the actual pure gold is far from the most expensive alloy that makes up its composition.
Canopus Gold has only been available since 2015 and, according to OMEGA, is made up of at least 75% gold and 20% palladium, with the remaining 5% made up mostly of platinum and rhodium. For reference, palladium currently costs nearly twice as much as platinum, and rhodium currently costs more than ten times as much as palladium. This means that OMEGA’s Canopus Gold alloy is made up almost exclusively of the ultra-precious metal. In addition to being more difficult to shape, this helps explain why it costs more than $10,000 more than the 18-carat Sedna solid gold version.
“Spaceman” is both the name of the single and the title of Nick Jonas’ 4th studio album, which was just released today (March 12, 2021). Since OMEGA Speedmaster watches have been involved in all six moon landings and are widely celebrated among enthusiasts as NASA’s official flight qualification watches, no timepiece collection is more richly and intertwined with the history of space exploration than the OMEGA Speedmaster.
Now, if this were real life instead of a music video, Nick Jonas would likely be wearing a classic stainless steel version with Hesalite crystal, or even Omega’s high-tech analog/digital hybrid quartz Speedmaster X-33. However, since Jonas’ character appears to be traveling in a jetpack and lives inside a tiny, mirror-finished house. Therefore, the modern and luxurious Canopus Gold version seems perfect for this stylized and surreal universe-inspired pop music video.

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For a newly established business relationship with the Starmus Science Festival and in support of its Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication award, Omega will present each of this year’s three winners with a special 18k yellow gold Omega Speedmaster watch. The connection with a space and science festival like Starmus should make sense to anyone familiar with Omega and the Speedmaster’s history with NASA and its continued involvement in related projects. Let’s see the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Starmus Science Award Gold watch, which is not available for sale, and its purpose for existing.
Expect for all the gold and the engraved case back, this replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph seems to be the classic Moonwatch – the Omega Speedmaster Professional in many aspects. Here, the 42mm case, as well as the bezel, hands, and applied indices are 18k yellow gold. Essentially, anything that was either steel or white in color has been replaced with gold, consisting of the tachymeter scale and the printed elements of the dial. Fully monochromatic, gold looks as beautiful as ever paired with black here on the dial, bezel, and leather strap.
Although Omega doesn’t provide many details on these specific limited models, we can assume that the specs are mostly consistent with the standard Moonwatch. Of course, inside is the manually wound Omega 1861 cam-actuated chronograph movement that is more or less the modern version of the movement that popularly accompanied the NASA astronauts to the Moon.
As mentioned, the typical seahorse logo-engraved case back is replaced here with a special engraving for the Starmus Festival and the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication. The engraving matches the actual medal that winners will receive in addition to the watch. It describes the first ever human spacewalk by Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, with the “Red Special” guitar of Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May emerging from beyond the horizon, and the Starmus logo.
In 1851, two watchmakers from Poland and France joined creative forces with the aim of producing innovative timepieces. Today, the vision of Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe is a global brand, considered to be one of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world. Since the early days of the company, this fake Patek Philippe watches have been among the most coveted, with two of the earliest notable clients being Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
Alongside rare and historical timepieces, Patek Philippe has produced many different timeless models for both men and ladies, with designs and functions to suit individual tastes and requirements. From the sporty steel-cased Nautilus collection to the opulent, diamond-encrusted Calatrava, a Patek Philippe could be the perfect watch you’ve been looking for. Online auction aggregator, Barnebys, guides us through choosing a Patek Philippe timepiece.
Patek Philippe has become a good selection among watch fans because of its timeless layout which keep elegance and style over the years. However, from time to time, the Swiss watchmakers have ventured beyond the classic leather strap and round face look, showing something a little more extravagant and unbelievable. Collections such as the Nautilus, Calatrava, and Grand Complications have released models either fully or partially-set with diamonds in trendy materials like rose gold. Besides precious gems and metals, there are the fake Patek Philippe timepieces available with unique features as well, such as minute repeaters and exposed skeleton mechanics.

replica Omega’s dedication to space with a visit to NASA

This mission remained in memories for its famous line ‘Houston, we have a problem’. It was, in fact, the Omega Speedmaster that played a major role in helping the Apollo 13 crew return safely to Earth when their on board instruments were shut down to save power. The Speedy is and will remain a myth, the first watch that went on the moon, as it has accompanied astronauts on all six lunar landings, solidifying its reputation as the integral link between Omega Watches and NASA. Since 1969, Omega is recognized as the official supplier of NASA and of the ‘Moonwatch’, a trusted partner in space exploration.
For this invaluable support, replica watches Omega received the Silver Snoopy Award, the highest honor a non-governmental entity can receive from NASA. This is again this superb achievement that Omega celebrates with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award.
Attending to the event, astronauts General Thomas Stafford and Captain James Lovell (one of the Apollo 13 crew members) answered questions, together with fake Omega President Stephen Urquhart. One of the most funny questions asked was about the tests needed to pass inspection and therefore, how the replica Omega Speedmaster became the Moonwatch. Mr. Urquhart said, ‘the Speedmaster was not developed specifically for space travel, nevertheless, while NASA was looking for an official timepiece, the OMEGA Professional Speedmaster had already all the functions they needed.’ Some watches tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design.

When Captain Lovell recounted the frightening tale of his Apollo 13 experience sharing, he said that ‘it was necessary to maneuver without the use of our equipment, we had to burn the engine for 14 seconds in order to course correct so we used the watch (the Omega Speedmaster Professional) to time the burn of the engine and return safely. Concerning what happened to the crew members of Apollo 13 mission, we can guess that the choice of the Omega Speedmaster by NASA was quite wise.
With intention to celebrate this unique partnership, Omega and NASA, they hosted an event at the Space Centre and Mission Control (Houston, Texas) where guest had the opportunity to talk with several astronauts.As you may have seen, Omega celebrated this year the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 mission by launching a limited edition of the Speedy, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award.
The watch is deeply attractive under lights, the range of finishes means the watch demonstrates a complexity that belies the design which, on paper at least appears simple. Nevertheless, this time, it was a simple chronograph that helped to save astronauts and brought them back, alive, on Earth. The case’s material is not the only evolution nevertheless, as the bezel (that of course still comes in black with white inscriptions – a Speedy is and will always be a Speedy) features a ceramic insert. NASA always had the best instruments and technologies to help astronauts in their duty. Nevertheless, all on board instruments were shut down to save power and the replica Omega watches Speedmaster played a major role in helping the Apollo 13 crew return safely to Earth.