Amazing Replica Breitling Superocean II 36 – A Feminine Diving Watch 

Breitling has created a new amazing lady version of its watch from the diving collection named Superocean. This new model is just 36 mm wide and made with the second generation of Superocean dials which feature with more Arabic numerals that their predecessors. New replica Breitling Superocean is supplied with an ETA-based automatic mechanical movement which is rather poor when we talk about the supported features. There are two different dial colors for the new lady size watch. As for the materials and colors, the choice of available attachments is much broader.
When you are checking the appearance of the watch and its functions, Breitlng Superocean II 36 is not that personalized or special. It derives from the Superocean series of diving watches among which are several others that support precisely the same functions as this watch. These are dubbed Superocean (which are available in two different sizes, with diameters of 44 and 42 mm) and Superocean II (in the same dimensions). Actually, they are almost sharing the same functions. But the only difference lies in the appearance of the dials. The second generation features Arabic numerals for 11 of the hour positions (only the one at the three o’clock is omitted, since it is used as the location of its date aperture).

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Even if the dial is in 12-hour format, the ring inside includes indications for hours from 13 to 24 positions which might be convenient feature for those who have hardships when the time is expressed in 24-hour format. The Superocean II timekeepers together with this one have Arabic numerals, placed in the improvement of five positions on the minute/second scale, instead of plain markers that were used in the first iteration.
Besides the use of glare-proofed crystal, the visibility is equipped with oversized luminous hands and the same kind of coating applied to the numerals. Another expected trait that derives from the watch’s purpose is the fact that it is able to withstand water pressure up to 200 meters (660 feet) which is more than sufficient for underwater adventures.
There are two dial choices for the smallest among the Superocean series models. They are Volcano Black if you aim to achieve the maximal possible legibility or Hurricane White if you are in need of a more delicate and feminine appearance and feeling like that.
When it comes to the choice of the attachment, there are many other options, as it can be expected for a model that is intended for ladies. Three available materials are stainless steel, rubber and leather. There is only one supported steel bracelet and it is three-linked Professional III type with the widest middle section. The available rubber straps are Ocean Racer II with big circular perforations, best replica watches as well as Diver Pro II which feature a protruded inscription of the brand’s name. While the former can be got in black or white colors, the latter one provides options between black and blue.
There are two kinds of leather straps as well, which can be paired with the piece. The first one is the plain one with white stitching and it comes in gold, black, brown and blue shades. The most options when colors are concerned is provided by Sahara leather strap which features a pattern of vertical lines that in a way makes it resemble a texture of a desert. This type of leather wristlet is available in black, red, blue, brown, orange, white, rose or fuchsia shade. Depending on the ultimate choice of the attachment, it will be supplied with either a folding-clasp or a tang-type clasp.