Matching Replica Rolex Watches for Couples

Wearing clothes that match or complement each other can be the ultimate sign of a harmonious relationship, whether you wear the same style of clothes, the same colours, the same shirts, or the exact same outfits. Regardless of your clothing philosophy as a couple, pairing it with a luxury watch is a great way to take your look to the next level.

However, most Rolex models are designed for men, so not all timepieces are available in matching women’s versions. Nevertheless, this buying guide will help you find the right “his and hers” matching fake rolex watches.

The Oyster Perpetual is the oldest and most basic collection currently offered by Rolex. The Oyster Perpetual is only available with a smooth domed bezel in stainless steel, while only a few colours are available. Men can choose between a 36mm or 39mm case size, but women can choose between a small 26mm, medium 31mm or 34mm model. Please note that we have an article on figuring out which Rolex size is right for you.

In addition to choosing the same style as Rolex, you can also choose matching colours, despite the size difference. White, black and blue dials are available in all sizes, but there are no pink dials in the men’s sizes, so you should steer clear of this particular option. The matching Oyster Perpetual is the cheapest Rolex couple’s watch option.

The Rolex Datejust is the most popular Rolex formal watch option, and as the name implies, it displays the date in addition to the time. In fact, when it was first introduced, it was the first cheap replica watches to have an automatic date function on the dial. The men’s Datejust model is available in 41mm and 36mm sizes, while women can choose from 28mm, 31mm or 34mm sizes. In fact, with the trend towards larger models, some women have even opted for the 36mm model.

As a collection, it includes a wide range of options. For example, you can choose from stainless steel or gold/steel two-tone models, although there is no all-gold Datejust model in the men’s size. Buyers can also choose from smooth, fluted or diamond bezels, as well as Oyster or Silver Jubilee straps.

Not all dial colours are available for all case sizes, so care should be taken when choosing. Nonetheless, couples should have no real problem finding a colour that appeals to them.

Note: There are also all-gold Lady-Datejust watches, but since they use “presidential” bracelets, they are actually closer in style to the men’s watches in the Rolex Day-Date collection than to the men’s Datejust watches.