Luminox Steel Colormark 3150 Fake Watch Hands-On

when many people think Luminox, they think about a design such as this Steel Colormark 3150 watch. While Luminox isn’t the first brand that emerged with this particular military diver style watch, they actually assisted propel it in to the mainstream.

In 1994 Luminox launched the initial Navy SEAL series 3000 watch that offered an excellent military watch having a Swiss quarta movement movement for any couple of hundred dollars. I recall seeing these offered at places like the Sharper Image, in addition to a host of other merchants. At 43mm wide as well as in black with tritium illumination, it had been only a really awesome man’s watch.2c84a8897e071054fcaea53bba636720.image.260x390

As the 3000 series watches continue to be created, the follow-up model was the 3050 collection. An impression bigger at 44mm wide, the 3050 series pieces really was only a the much more bold searching watch.

It had been like Luminox upped how big from the thickness from the lugs towards the font around the dial and bezel. Though, the 3000 and 3050 series watches are greatly different color leaves if this involves design.